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Dreaming of owning your own Music School?
A Great Business Opportunity For Musicians and Non-Musicians Too! 
  • Rock Zone School Of Music was established in 2014

  • Expanded from 1,500 sq ft to 4,500 sq ft facility

  • Serves students from local Mt. Juliet, TN Schools

  • Has a structured after school program

  • Has helped hundred of students learn music and the arts

  • Trademarked in 2017 in the United States

If you are an entrepreneur that is passionate about business and having fun, then we want to hear from you!

You can now become a licensee of Rock Zone. As a licensee you'll benefit from:

  • A loved and established brand

  • Freedom to create your own programs but also have a network of experienced after school providers to give you ideas and training

  • Leverage from a wide array of marketing and advertising designs in print, web, and video

  • Leverage from 10 years experience 

  • Offer professional branded merchandise as an additional revenue center

  • Renewable license every 12 months with a generous territory

Revenue Centers:

Music Lessons- Offer private one-on-one lessons 

After School Care- Provide after school care with a program that incorporates different STEAM elements

Birthday Parties- Offer structured or non-structured music themed parties

Mobile Classes- Take the show on the road and setup classes at local daycare

and child centers

Performances- From lessons to the stage. Put together events at local venues and sell tickets to your students raving fans!

Group Lessons- Offer Rock Band, Rock Choir, Pound, Acting, or Music Clubs to get kids making music with others.

Vanessa Juarez

Get Started Today!

Be Your Own Boss- Fill the form below to get started in your journey towards financial independence and a purposeful career working with children. 


$50 One-Time Application Fee 

$5,500 Annual License Fee

$1,999 Annual License Fee* (limited time rate)



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