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Music Lessons

Our One-On-One Music Mentorship program goes beyond Private Lessons. Our Mentorship programs aim is to give children the space, freedom and support to explore all aspects of music. From learning to read music, developing a musical ear and even writing original music, this program produces results that last a lifetime. 


Course Costs:

$125 per month for in-person or online private 30 min weekly lessons.

* Want to take lessons for 2 instruments? Yes, you may alternate for no additional charge pending music coach availability.

Choose from the tracks below:

Guitar: Electric/Acoustic guitar lessons or Ukulele. Learn tabs, chords, strumming, and styles of playing.


Bass- Learn the grooves that get people moving. Techniques on timing, scales, tabs, and more!


Piano: Who said piano or key players don't rock? Learn how the basics or how to apply the classical training you posses and translate it to the music you love. Course will also include midi sampling, exploring different keyboard sounds and styles.


Voice: Get the best tone and pitch out of your voice by applying proven singing techniques used by the "greats"! Coaching will also include finding your style and exploring how to be the best "lead man/woman" in a band.

Private lessons now available everywhere!

You can register online, over the phone 615.562.0070!



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