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Friday, January 13
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Rock Zone Rolls Into 2023 As A Partner For Working Families
Mt. Juliet, TN- It's hard to ignore that since the pandemic, the cost of everything has gone up. One local After School program seeks to rock rolling back its tuition in order to help families in the area give their children quality learning opportunities at pre-pandemic rates. Timing for this decision could not have arrived at a better time as the nation prepares to brace itself for what could be considered a mild to medium felt recession in 2023. 

"During the last recession in 2008-2009, I personally experienced how hard it was to provide my two girls quality educational experiences while also balancing the budget. Our team is prepared to welcome more area students and remove one of the biggest barriers of entry...cost" shares Rock Zone co-founder Johnny Juarez. 

Recently Rock Zone has reduced its weekly
 After School rate by 12% and Monthly Private Lessons by 38%. Every bit helps as Americans are spending more on staple items such as Eggs, up more than 50% in the last year. 

"We don't want people, being put in a position of having to decide if they're going to be able to have an omelette or not because of our music programs." humorously says Juarez. 

Since 2014, Rock Zone has been a lot of things to a lot of people. Besides starting off as a music school that offers individual private lessons and group lessons such as Rock Band and Rock Choir, it also serves as an After School Center. From the inception, Rock Zone has expanded its facilities to 4,500 sq ft at Midway Plaza in North Mt. Juliet. This spacious facility has been a key success to its Summer Camps when school is out. Many in the community have also hosted their own "Rock Star" birthday parties. Rock Zone is part of the fabric of what makes Mt. Juliet a great place to live. 
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