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After School Program K-5


After School Monday to Friday till 6:00pm (Extended hours on breaks/school closing)

TV Kids Acting Club- is designed to give your child the education, support and guidance in commercial on-screen acting.

Screen Acting vs. Theater Acting

While both forms of acting bring a story to life... Screen acting tends to be less exaggerated and more grounded. Audiences of theater plays are live and in person, while screen actors audiences can be on TV, phones, Cinemas and computers. 

Screen Actors have a wide variety of opportunities with films, commercials, sitcoms, voiceovers, and background work. 

TV Kids Acting Club students have gone off to book lead roles in movies, commercials, voiceovers and short films. Additionally we have helped students connect and be represented by talent agencies in Nashville, Atlanta, New York City and Los Angeles. 

Looking for something fun and different to do after school?

TV Kids Acting Club is a FUN After School Program! 

Program Includes:

  • Group Music Lessons (Voice, Piano, Drums, Guitar)

  • Group Acting Lessons (Improv, Screen Study, Commercial, Physical Comedy)

  • Shooting On-Screen Short Films and Commercial projects to be added to your child's Demo Reel

  • Opportunities to showcase for casting directors and talent scouts

  • Free Headshots

  • Free Self-Tape Audition Studio with readers

  • Video editing and submission help


• TV Kids Club picks up your students in our VIP Vans

(12-15 Passenger Vans) on days when your child attends school

After being picked up by our Rocket VIP Vans, students enjoy a yummy snack and drink.


  • Snacks

  • Free Time

  • Acting Club

  • Homework Help

  • Free Time

Acting Clubs- (Included) Students will work with industry professionals locally, and Live-Streamed from Atlanta, Los Angeles, and NYC. Topics will include foundational acting principles, improv, screen techniques, Meisner techniques, Method acting, memorization, voiceover projects and more. 

Music Clubs- (Included) Students will explore all the instruments found at Rock Zone within a daily group lesson. Students get to learn the foundations of music such as rhythm, melody, and lyrics.

Academic Time- Homework Help (Included)

This 30-60 min window of time allows students to get their homework done. If students don't have any homework students are expected to participate in our fun reading and writing stations. Every time students participate in doing their homework, reading or writing they are also earning points which they can redeem in our store for merchandise, toys, and snacks.

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DETAILS & MORE....Monday to Friday till 6:00pm


Reg. Fee: $60 

5 Days A Week: $90/ Week 

4 Days A Week $85/Week

3 Days A Week $80/Week

*Sibling Discounts $10 Off additional child

School Closings- On dates when school is out you can drop off your student. Care from 10am to 3pm. Need earlier drop-off or later pick up hours? No worries, we've got extended care for your child..

$40/week for extended care hours

7am -6pm

Early Dismissal 

1/2 Days: An additional $10/ Half Day

Open on Holidays, during breaks and special days off. Meals or snacks are not provided during breaks.

All tuition fees/deposits are non-refundable

We pick up at the following schools:


W.A. Wright Elementary 

2 Full Time Spot Open M-F

! Part Time Spots 

Elzie D. Patton Elementary 

1 Full Time Spot Open M-F

1 Part Time Spots 

West Elementary-

1 Full Time Spots Open M-F

1 Part Time Spots 

Stoner Creek Elementary

0 Full Time Spot Open M-F

0 Part Time Spots 

Mt. Juliet Elementary

0 Full Time Spot Open M-F

0 Part Time Spots 

*Cancelling: We require a 1 week notice to cancel or leave the program.

** Tuition is paid weekly. No payment is needed during the Christmas holiday break.

Fully Insured and background checks done on staff members'

Grades K-5 

• Mon. to Fri. till 6:00pm

• Open on Holidays, Breaks, Half Days

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