Sharpen your music skills or learn a new instrument at Rock Zone!

Unlimited Private Lessons will give you all the time to become a proficient musician in a short amount of time. 

Course Cost: $300/Month

Membership Includes:

  • One Daily Private 20 min Lessons Monday to Thursday

  • Ages: 4-17

  • Only available on-line



✓ You may mix things up and take on several instruments or just focus on one

✓ Your lessons will take place daily between 3:00-6:00pm during the weekdays

✓ You will get to learn from several instructors depending on your instrument choice and availability

✓If you are traveling just let us know and billing will pause until you return

✓Missed a day or problem. Just pick up on the next day. No need to schedule make up lessons

Choose from the tracks below:

Songwriting: Learn how to craft the song ideas you have so you can share them with the world. Your coach will guide you from writing to publishing.

Guitar/Ukulele: Electric/Acoustic guitar lessons. Learn tabs, chords, strumming, and styles of playing.


Bass- Learn the grooves that get people moving. Techniques on timing, scales, tabs, and more!

Drums: Take your playing to the next level with learning the basics to locking down your timing with a click. Explore fills, styles and improvisation techniques.


Piano: Who said piano or key players don't rock? Learn how the basics or how to apply the classical training you posses and translate it to the music you love. Course will also include midi sampling, exploring different keyboard sounds and styles.

Voice: Get the best tone and pitch out of your voice by applying proven singing techniques used by the "greats"! Coaching will also include finding your style and exploring how to be the best "lead man/woman" in a band.